Transformative collaboration for all the work you do.

Freehand is the visual collaboration tool disguised as an online whiteboard.

Lead teams from ideas to execution with the digital whiteboard that’s refreshingly simple, but surprisingly robust.


Run your brainstorms like the teams at Xbox.

Having a digital space to brainstorm your ideas gives everyone a voice. Instead of one person leading the charge, using this brainstorming template gave everyone equal input.
Megan Sempre, Senior Designer at Xbox

Spark creativity and collaborate in real time with an endless digital whiteboard that invites and inspires everyone to join in.


Drive alignment like the team at American Express.

We use journey mapping at the early stage of a project. It helps us really hone in on the problems that will have the biggest impact on the customer experience.
Danny Forst, VP Product Design at American Express

Welcome everyone’s voice and build a shared vision by holding working sessions of all sizes in Freehand.


Map out your architecture like the team at Amazon.

Use Freehand to take your team on the journey to your final architecture diagram.
David Cowden, Senior Solutions Architect at AWS

Workshop potential architecture solutions as a team, in a space that can evolve with your project.


Discover rich customer insights like the team at KPMG.

Freehand helped us see where our team converged on common themes.
Edward Lingam, Associate Director at KPMG

Breathe new life into market research and gather diverse perspectives to test ideas, explore approaches, and identify patterns with this template from KPMG.


Kick off your campaign like the team at Asana.

Freehand is a great place for brainstorming, goal setting, and collaborating at the early stages of a project.
Paige Costello, Product Leader at Asana

From overarching goals to specific channels, use Asana’s template to sketch out marketing details so everything’s in place for a more task-based plan.

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Create experiences that feel real, without any code.

Ensure a pixel-perfect handoff from design to development.

Transformative collaboration for all the work you do